Family Portraits

Home is where all of our stories begin. 

Maternity portraits are a beautiful way to begin documenting your family story Pregnancy is a fleeting moment in a woman’s life, yet those nine months will change her forever. Her pregnancy experience is shared by family and friends, yet it’s also intensely personal. What a delight it is for me to photograph an expectant mother’s beauty; the fullness, the roundness of the feminine figure, it is a body blossoming with the life it holds inside. Whether she is surrounded by her husband’s warm embrace or enjoying a solitary moment of reflection, the portrait will reflect her unique beauty. 

Family portraiture which speaks to your soul with its tenderness, affection or even humor is what I strive for with each and every portrait session. We will choose a location where your family feels relaxed, be it in an alpine park setting or a Seattle landmark or even your backyard. I will help guide you with clothing choices so you achieve a coordinated look that doesn't feel overly orchestrated. And we'll have fun and laugh! One of my goals is to have the session go so smoothly that even the teenager says, "Wow, that was easy!" 

An hour of photography time on location or at my studio in downtown Issaquah will give you 35+ beautiful images to choose from for only $120 and a portrait credit of $350. This includes a consultation prior to portrait session regarding clothing choices, backgrounds, props. An in-home viewing appointment of the images will be held about two weeks after the session. 

Life is very busy, but together let's freeze it, right now, so you can re-visit that moment, weeks, months, even years later and enjoy those feelings again.

"I love little children, and it is not a slight thing when they, who are fresh from God, love us." ~ Charles Dickens

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